Techno Mix/Video "introspection" Part 2 - Alex nilson

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Techno Mix/Video "introspection" Part 2 - Alex nilson

Postby moksha on 22 Mar 2016, 14:17

Hello everybody.
I am happy to share with you the second part of project: Techno Mix/Video "introspection" (Seeker of truth) -ALEX NILSON

Style: Techno Mix/Video (01:05:17)
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1) Refracted: Enter the jungle
2) Conforce: Informatica
3) Tadeo: Logic process
4) Anomaly: Questing M5
5) Mental Resonance: Echoes from other space
6) Judas aka JUDAS: INSIGHT A
7) Antonio De Angelis: Transporting
8) RØDHÅD: Haumea (Dirt mix)
9) Exium: Inner core
10) Eric Fetcher: Tracked
11) Jeff Mills: something in the sky 11 A1
12) Staffan Linzatti: Control room failure
13) Tadeo: Appollo 7
14) Antonio de angelis: Polar
15) Reeko: To the sun
16) Post Scriptum: Human timescales
17) Orbe: Music of the spheres (Steve Stoll remix)
18) Lewis Fautzi (official)i: Galactic signal
19) Staffan linzatti: The only thing greater is simpler
20) Johannes Volk : Base isolation (Birth of Frequency remix)
21) Lewis fautzi: Brain Filaments
22) Alderaan: relative way
23) Lewis fautzi: Bond
24) David Att: Parasomnia
25) Lewis fautzi: Skin
26) Jeff Mills: Switchblade
27) Wicked wipe: Rok da house (Ian Pooley remix)
28) Echologist: New strain
29) Mathias linzatti: Soka/Discovery
30) Tadeo: Latence State
31) P.E.A.R.L.: Order Decay III

"Introspection" (Seeker of truth) is the name given to a series of videos/mixes "mainly" composed of deep, mental, hypnotic, futuristic and groovy techno.
These mixes are enhanced by sci-fi effects as well as vocal samples taken from different thinkers, philosophers, documentaries..., that give, in the grater scheme of things, a definition of introspection (* meditation) and its effect on the human being. Moreover, the mixes are accompanied by atmospheric sounds which, mostly, make reference to worldwide spiritual practices which enable one to reach the said state of modified consciousness.

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