Still loving Cross

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Still loving Cross

Postby Lottie S on 13 Jan 2016, 19:12

Hi guys, not posted here for a long time. But just wanted to say I'm still enjoying the software, I'm still using version 1.6.1. It's just the ticket for me and don't want to upset the Apple cart at the moment, my laptop can be a bit twitchy sometimes and this version is lovely and stable. I've done a good few mixes over the past couple of years and finally managed to buy a Reloop RP-7000 deck which I absolutely love to bits! Still got my old Numark Axis 9 cd deck which I expect will give up the ghost at some point but I'll not worry too much about that at the moment. Anyway, here's a mix I did a couple of months ago, I hope someone might have a little listen and enjoy it. Tracklist is in the description and a link to Beatport if you like any of the tracks enough to want them, gotta support the artists! I will be doing part 2 in Feb when I have some pennies for music. :biggrin: ... e-shergold
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