DIALOGUE AND RANDOM PHASE II Skratch Tool / Digital Download

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DIALOGUE AND RANDOM PHASE II Skratch Tool / Digital Download

Postby The Groove Of Satyre on 29 Jun 2006, 21:27


The Groove Of Satyre presents Dialogue And Random Phase II (Analogue Tools for Turntablists and Composers) in partnership with Rane.

DAR II is out on vinyl and is also available in WAV and MP3 format ( encoded with Lame ) on the Download section for Rane Serato Scratch Live, MixVibes, Stanton Final Scratch, Numark CDX... users.

>>>The second issue features 10 tracks bringing together plenty of vintage instruments and effects. Those tracks are organised that way :

Equipment involved for DIALOGUE side :

> Drums : Emu Sp 12 Turbo + Boss DM 300 + Akg BX 10 + Lexicon 200 + Sherman Filterbank 2 + Pearl Syncussion Sy-1 + Yamaha CP 80 + Publison DHM 89 B2 + Roland CR 78 + Eko MusicBox 12
> Moog Modules 921 + 904 A + 911 + 902 + Dacs Freque 1 Ring Modulator
> Fender Rhodes MkI + Emt 140 + Lexicon 200 + Publison DHM 89 B2 + Akg BX 10 + Sola Sound Tone Bender + Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser + Ibanez Phase Tone + Boss DM 300
> Mirecourt Cello + Emt 140
> Voix de Traverses + Lexicon 200 + Emt 140

Equipment involved for RANDOM side :

> Drums : Emu Sp 12 Turbo + Boss DM 300 + Akg BX 10 + Lexicon 200 + Sherman Filterbank 2 + Pearl Syncussion Sy-1 + Heil Sound Talk Box + Yamaha CP 80 + Publison DHM 89 B2 + Roland CR 78 + Arp 2600 + Oberheim OBX + Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser + Roland Jupiter 4 + Lexicon Pcm 41
> Fender Precision + Leslie Yamaha RA 100
> Oberheim OBX
> Fender Telecaster + Phasing Ibanez Phase Tone + Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyser + Sola Sound Tone Bender + ProCo Rat + Dynacord Tam 21+ Ibanez Overdrive + Demeter Tremulator + Emt 140
> Roland VP 330 Vocoder Plus + Sony C800 G + Lexicon 200 + Akg BX 10 + Emt 140 + Leslie 760 + Publison DHM 89 B2 + Boss DM 300 + Arp 2600 + Sherman Filterbank 2

Sounds are a bit like living beings.They are born, they have their length of time, and finally fade away. There is, it's a fact, when one listens to them, some kind of introduction, a resonance, and an extinction; sounds have an
existence of their own; they resemble a type of life which develops through time.

Manipulating Dialogue and Random is an exciting way to free some grooves, a way to give them life without dependancy and for them to live together in a new dimension.

This sound library is the result of manipulations, collages, sound hijackings guided by our will to have a rich, an original and a quality tone palette, unrivaled to date.

There are no samples, no loops, no expanders presets, no virtual synthesizers, everything is played live with real instruments.

There are absolutely no classic sounds related to scratch (the "aah"'s, "fresh"'s or others sentences scratched by the DJ's for more than 20 years).

Knowing the advancement of the turntable music and of the equipment, the classical battle tools records are not specialized enough anymore.

That is not the case of Dialogue And Random which was created with this constraint in mind and was really appreciated by those who are pushing this artistic discipline further.

# You can listen to the totality of both sides and order DAR II on the = TGOS SHOP

You can make your payment on# TGOS SHOP using:

- credit card / secure online payment with SP PLUS Caisse d'Epargne (SSL encrypted)
- Paypal (SSL encrypted)
- bank transfert

- Shipping outside France using priority postal service

>>> We have realised two promo videos about the making of DAR II, shot in our studio Infernale Machine Research Center.

The first video is a condensed explanation of the architecture, the different tracks of the record. We can see the instruments and effects in situation, and the work on the sound material...

The second one is more complete and follows the structure of the two sides Dialogue and Random with more technical explanations. There is also a brief history of those old instruments, effects, and pioneers like Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim, Harold Rhodes...

Moreover we can see an interview of Phonomorphia with Morse and Enfoe explainig the possibilities offered by Dialogue And Random Phase II.
We can listen to "Planete Cerveau 44-3" (track created by Phonomorphia with the only use of Dialogue And Random Phase II) on the second issue of the compilation Cuts Of Culture from the english label Eclectic Breaks ( http://www.eclecticbreaks.com ).

We can watch the first documentary on the News page of The Groove Of Satyre : ****H E R E**** ( please wait until loading is complete)

Finaly, there is a dowloadable version of the .mov in a zip file : http://www.thegrooveofsatyre.com/movvid ... oshort.zip

The second video will be available in two weeks.

>>>Coming soon in September 2006: TRUTH ABOUT PAN'S SONS, compilation.

All the tracks on this compilation will be created with the only use of Dialogue And Random Pase II. This project already appealed the following artists: Mike Boo (Usa), 2Tall (Uk), Morse (France), Lamont (Belgium), DStyles (Usa), B-Ju (Germany), Phonomorphia (France), InsideaMind (Canada), Franck Vigroux (France), Lorn (Usa), Pedestrian Organisation (Uk)...

The compilation will be in free download on http://www.thegrooveofsatyre.com, and it is conceived as a free exchange with the artists participating.
TRUTH ABOUT PAN'S SONS will highlight the diversity of turntable-made music going from improvisation, through experimentation and to more conventional compositions.


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