Latency Sound Distortion

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Latency Sound Distortion

Postby Anselm on 24 Apr 2008, 21:36


yeah i know, maybe its annoying - me again - but I have this problem and I want to solve it, theres no IRC or some other place, my other thread is not beeing answered anymore, so I go to the support I want for a legally bought USB-DJ-Soundcard (nothing else).

What I have is a new Laptop using XP Pro SP2 (as seen in the old config report down) that has an U46MK2 (w Driver ESI U46DJ, which runs better than anything from mixvibes) that is wanted to be what it should be: a Multichannel Soundcard with low latency support.

Using a normal audio player i got it working without distortion, just kernel streaming made some problems, but as long as this is experimental everywhere I cant make something out of that - and I don't want to.

What I experienced where some performance things using VDJ, just changing a Directory made small breaks. OK - you said use another Software, I tried djDecks, cool piece, everything fine, but mostly limited and just for DVS users - which i am not till this day, money is short everytime as a young guy.

Now today, Traktor: Playing for a while it mostly runs fine under 288, putting it down its cracking sooner and sooner :-( and even with the highest it got moments when everything sounded distorted as nothing before did. I thought I could use this for a DVS one day?

Now please, don't tell me to use Mixvibes, I tried out, the handling is nothing for me, i hope for the Cross thing to be good, but again this looks a little bit overload. What I bought was an external soundcard w asio and low latency nothing else - as I said before.

I don't want to put pressure on anybody - neither can I - but I would like to begin to use this as an integrated thing in my CD-only table, I saved money for a long time and now its really worse to see things not working. So Please - even its the 2nd time I write a thread - give me some help... Tell me theres a way !

Config 2008/03/10 16:24

OS=Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 build=2600
processor=PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13,
MixVibes 3DEX version=6.370 DLL langage=DE version=6.290

System Setting
Load in Ram Channel1= Yes Channel2= Yes
Load memory time limit=13 Load time=normal
Priority program=normal Low gui priority=No Equalization bypass=No
Microsoft codec=No MultiInstance=No

General Setting
Nb Mixer Channels=2 Nb Samples=0
Windows Caption=No Style=XP2005
TAG V1=Yes TAG V2=No

Mix Setting
AutoCue=Yes AutoGain=Yes AutoBpm at Load=Yes
Display Pitch=Yes Auto Match at load=No
Bpm Range min=78 max=150
Lock Out=Yes Volume=Yes Equalization=Yes Loop=No Effects=No
Loop in bar boundaries=No Security=No History=Yes
Compressor=No Limiter=No
Noise=No Vol=0 Crakle=No Vol=0 Back Mute=No Scratch Sensibilty=0

Sound Configuration
Nb Sound=2 Nb Mixer=0
Managment Type ASIO
Device=MIXVIBES U46MK2 ASIO AsioVersion=0 DriverVersion=2
Latency=6 Driver sampling=44100 Nb Input=4 Nb Output=6
Managment Type ASIO
1-L:U46DJ 1/2 2-R:U46DJ 1/2
3-L:U46DJ 3/4 4-R:U46DJ 3/4
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Re: Latency Sound Distortion

Postby N-deep on 25 Apr 2008, 09:57

Did you try to set the latency higher? 256 samples should do the job. Did you shut off all unecessary programs like msn, antivirus, firewall or IE?
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Re: Latency Sound Distortion

Postby Anselm on 25 Apr 2008, 16:04

I'm sorry you didnt understand me right, i choose 288 Samples and still I got the crackling over some moments. I just couldnt figure it out when they appear, cos they come and disappear over the time.

Is there any way to test the PC for Software that causes Problems? And what can influence the latency? CPU processes, fuelled ram, more usb-devices?
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Re: Latency Sound Distortion

Postby Cybotronic on 25 Apr 2008, 23:51

You could try some of the tweaks on this site:

Mixvibes DVS/ U46MK2

Turion 1.9 GHz/ 2048 MB Ram/ 280 Gb HDD/ Windows Vista

Technics 1200m3d/ Q-Bert Ortofon/ Rane TTM-56
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Re: Latency Sound Distortion

Postby Anselm on 27 Apr 2008, 13:24

Could it be that the laptop delivers not enough power? I just pluged in an AC/DC Adapter and everything works fine, when i go under 128 Samples it begins to crackle, but it seems that power was the problem?

@Cybotronic: Thanks for that, will use some of these tips - y couldnt there be a great DJ tool for linux? theres no problem about that Word censored (guess you find it I love walking on it) - compile the kernel how you want it ;-)
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