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PostPosted: 22 Apr 2008, 22:39
by freund666
Just wondering if its possible to convert the 2 RCA L&R outputs of my turntable to 1 TRS Stereo plug so that i only have to use 1 input of my soundcard per turntable instead of 2? This would free up a lot of my inputs!
I know they make cables that may do this, but under the mixvibes software it wants 2 inputs per channel.
thanks !

Re: RCA to TRS

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2008, 09:47
by N-deep
Mixvibes needs a stereo signal to read the timecode from the vinyl record. I guess your soundcard has mono inputs (white & red ones). You can't send a stereo signal to a mono input. The software will not read it.

Re: RCA to TRS

PostPosted: 23 Apr 2008, 22:13
by freund666
I am probably wrong, but here is my confusion:
Headphones are stereo with just one 1/4" TRS jack aren't they? My sound card is a MOTU Ultralite, which can take TRS or mono 1/4" plugs. I can use 2 mono inputs per turntable and it works fine. I have a cable which converts 2 RCA plugs to 1 TRS jack. With a plug like this isn't it possible to convert the 2 signals to 1 stereo signal? If it were a mixer with a headphone output it could ouput stereo to one 1/4".
Aside from the cable, i have a Behringer Microphono PP400 Phono Preamp
It has 2 RCA input, but has 1 x 1/4" output, which I believe should be stereo? if it were, if it were programmed into Mixvibes wouldnt it be possible to read a stereo signal for each turntable from just 1 x 1/4" TRS input instead of 2 x mono 1/4" signals? My interface only has 8 inputs, after using 2 for each turntable, then 2 more for the mixer signal for scratching, I'm only left with 2 inputs...
Please excuse me if this post seems dumb / redundant.
Thank You!

Re: RCA to TRS

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2008, 11:32
by N-deep
If the MOTU can handle TRS stereo signals I guess this should work. We didn't try it here but it would be great if you can borrow some and try this setup.

Let us know if it works.

By the way you don't need phono preamps as MixVibes can emulate it.