So much problems

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So much problems

Postby Anselm on 11 Mar 2008, 17:43


I opened a thread in the German sub
(aussetzer-und-knackser-t9180.html) and Collabs
referred me to Uncle Vibes. sent over a message to UncleVibes yesterday but there is no answer, i know its fast, but i need this to get working until friday or I'll have to send it back (or I let it stay here without any sense and money thrown away).

I bought the U46MK2 for use with an laptop, and after I installed the
Driver only the first thing I got was a crash of the driver with the
standard windows error window (send any message for statistics oder simply
leave it, u know what I mean). After installing the most up to date driver
I had some problems with several ASIO-applications (like VirtualDJ,
Audacity) saying there was an error with the asio-drivers. I reinstalled it
several times, at last I took the 3DexDemo-Version and updated the Driver,
now that works most the time.

at this very moment it isnt working again, I made some screenshots of the strange driver manager window and the error message down by VDJ:
Driver, Driver after Restart, VDJ (window saying "Error within the ASIO Driver". I cant imagine any solution, since its already has been working. Is there any special startup routine? I tried putting on the interface before starting windows, after starting, restarting the driver, nothing changed...

Now several things I explored, when it was useable, I got to hear some "knacks" after about 6hours testing
it, it played music most the time and after this timespan it made this
noise on the left speaker, I first thought of my mixer beeing broken but
the same problem with the headphone. After some time this disappeared again
(I changed nothing just let it play), but I wonder if this is normal, or
what might be the reason because for any live performance this might be
really disturbing.

Another thing were some interruptions which were likely to appear with
VirtualDJ but also could be reproduced using my audioplayer Foobar2000, as
the first thing these were disappearing after some time. They happened with
any action to my external harddrive done by hand, within the DJ application
or foobar everything was allright. Also they appeared by testing a new
RSS-Reader named RSS-Bandit (which uses the Internet Explorer ActiveX, any
problem with the windows explorer known?)

The last thing I got to explore within the first two days of testing was
the sudden stop of sound. I only got it within Foobar2000 on two ways:
First I selected the U46MK2 to be the standard soundinterface for the whole
windows (took the last two channels 5/6), then I took Windows to use the
notebooks loudspeaker and Foobar two use the 5/6 channels. The player continued to play but the soundcard didnt give any sound any more. The Driver interface said it was connected and so did windows.

I append an configuration report done by the 3DEX Demo Version.

What I'd like to know is if these are Issues that are already reported and
if there are hints what might be the reason, it would be even better if
these could be solved completely but if only I knew the sources I can try
to avoid them, because the thing is really great so far^^

Thanks for your help

Greets from Germany

Config 2008/03/10 16:24

OS=Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 build=2600
processor=PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13,
MixVibes 3DEX version=6.370 DLL langage=DE version=6.290

System Setting
Load in Ram Channel1= Yes Channel2= Yes
Load memory time limit=13 Load time=normal
Priority program=normal Low gui priority=No Equalization bypass=No
Microsoft codec=No MultiInstance=No

General Setting
Nb Mixer Channels=2 Nb Samples=0
Windows Caption=No Style=XP2005
TAG V1=Yes TAG V2=No

Mix Setting
AutoCue=Yes AutoGain=Yes AutoBpm at Load=Yes
Display Pitch=Yes Auto Match at load=No
Bpm Range min=78 max=150
Lock Out=Yes Volume=Yes Equalization=Yes Loop=No Effects=No
Loop in bar boundaries=No Security=No History=Yes
Compressor=No Limiter=No
Noise=No Vol=0 Crakle=No Vol=0 Back Mute=No Scratch Sensibilty=0

Sound Configuration
Nb Sound=2 Nb Mixer=0
Managment Type ASIO
Device=MIXVIBES U46MK2 ASIO AsioVersion=0 DriverVersion=2
Latency=6 Driver sampling=44100 Nb Input=4 Nb Output=6
Managment Type ASIO
1-L:U46DJ 1/2 2-R:U46DJ 1/2
3-L:U46DJ 3/4 4-R:U46DJ 3/4
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Re: So much problems

Postby DjLiquit on 11 Mar 2008, 19:41

I had simular issues before i read the U46DJ tutorial on the forum. You need to uninstall everything, download the update from the forum, then install the update. At the end of the update it will ask you to install u46dj. Hit ok, then turn on the U46... let it get through the whole install then you should be ok. You have to configure all the settings within the actual mixvibes program to get it to work right. I spent almost a week trying to get mine to work right then i followed directions. :fan:
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Re: So much problems

Postby wchoong on 12 Mar 2008, 06:01

running to many applications sharing the same asio driver will cause problems.
My suggestion is to uninstall all audio applications including your Virtual DJ, Mixvibes and U46MKII drivers.

Assuming you have no more audio software install & your Soundcard is not plugged in,
1. start with your mixvibes installation
2. then update your MV.
3. install U46MKII driver (according to your XP Os, you should be using the driver provided in Mixvibes updates) ASIO4ALL= Vista
4.Plug in your U46MKII and do some "installing"
5. Run your Mixvibes and configure U46MKII from side MV
6. If all run fine, do not install your VirtualDJ. (* got a feeling the VirtualDJ is conflicting with mixvibes)
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Re: So much problems

Postby UncleVibes on 12 Mar 2008, 07:54

6. If all run fine, do not install your VirtualDJ. (* got a feeling the VirtualDJ is conflicting with mixvibes)

Asio4all is one solution for vista but you have also driver 1.31 from U46dj ESI working well . Drivers conflicts make the application unstable.
New drivers U46MK2 will be released next week. Sorry for the pm with no answers yet but I receive a lot every days & I do also some underground job, backstage the site... Now I go to Germany to the MusikMesse in Frankfurt, I won't be online very much till next monday.

About U46MK2 a drivers, be sure previous driver is well uninstalled, I mean it can't work with 2 esi/U46mk2 panels at launch
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Re: So much problems

Postby Anselm on 12 Mar 2008, 18:35

hm, when i click on uninstalling mixvibes 3dex (is that the piece you mean by "Mixvibes" ? i only got this one!) only Message Window appears saying "Uninstall Mixvibes" and an ok button, nothing more...

You mean i cannot use the interface with vdj? Well i try, but if this is true it would make no sense for me.
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Re: So much problems

Postby polocorp on 12 Mar 2008, 22:47

indeed you should uninstall the driver first before installing a new one.

the lateste driver is the ESI 1.0.30 you can get fro, there website.

To uninstall u should go to your Windows install/uninstall program list and get rid of previous versions.

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Re: So much problems

Postby Anselm on 15 Mar 2008, 18:52

ok, got it running as far i have the driver 1.0.16 that was offered by the 3Dex Update.

Sometimes its still knacks a little bit, but this might count as some special effect, sounds like a magnetized vinyl (but the vinyl is even louder...)

what I did:
Uninstalled all audio software
took the 3Dex Update
installed 3dex, driver within the same routine too

now I only have less breaks, but these must be called by VDJ, where Im going to ask now, thanks for your help.

And by the way, this Cross thing looks really great - will be very cool to move to linux with djing too...
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