Need some help

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Need some help

Postby NightmareFire on 19 Jun 2020, 06:36

Hello everyone,

Since the manual would not address these questions I would like to know omegle please if there is a way to preferably have the 2 deck's waveforms side by side vertically and if not then one on top of the other?

Also, is there a specific color for the downbeats or can they be any color depending on the track please? Thanks.
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Re: Need some help

Postby RoJeC on 19 Jun 2020, 09:51

This is about Cross Win.Mac 4.x?

Yes you can disable waves 'row'.: MEnu> view > beatmatcher.

Downbeats can only be white. However colorscheme for waves can be set in Preferences.
Also hotcue's can be set to have different colors.


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