Regarding your decision to remove Soundcloud from Cross DJ

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Regarding your decision to remove Soundcloud from Cross DJ

Postby krxllo on 19 May 2020, 22:35


Am I understanding this correct?


1. The functionality to use Soundcloud in Cross DJ is has been removed
2. The function to use Soundcloud is exclusive to Cross DJ 4
3. To keep using the function to use Soundcloud I (We) have to (re)buy Cross DJ 4

If so:

4. Will you add the function to use Soundcloud to the Cross DJ (3)?
5. Are Cross DJ (3) eligible for an upgrade?
6. What are your refund policies (for existing Soundcloud DJ:s)

I bought an Allen & Heath mixer and got a bundled Cross DJ version. I tested several different DJ softwares (Tractor, Serato, etc) and finally I went for Cross DJ - main reason Soundcloud integration. I am a turntable DJ but more often than not there's no turntables at the parties (good old forest raves) and almost never at afterparties at some obscure locations, thus making Soundcloud functionality key in my decision to use and buy Cross DJ.

So... Regarding your decision to pull Soundcloud functionality from Cross DJ, add it to another version - you are forcing me to either (re)buy what I already paid for or buy another of your competitors software. Am I understanding this correct?
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Re: Regarding your decision to remove Soundcloud from Cross

Postby RoJeC on 20 May 2020, 23:11

SOundcloud has not been removed from Cross DJ 3.x. This would have required to install an update by you. As that update does not exist it is pretty strange to put it like this.

However soundcloud had (once again) made changes that made the existing interface not work any more.

Even in the intial v4 version it didn't work. HOwever in the current v4 version it works.

Unfortunately this is a risk you take by using soundcloud as a live source of music. I fonud it to annoying to use. Not just every couple of years interface problems, but also the problem that they rebuild the database in a different way and as most frequent issue that 'new'tracks are gone by the time you want to use them (even if it's a valid rights issue this still is frustrating).


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