Will MixVibes work on iOS Catalina (which removes iTunes)

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Will MixVibes work on iOS Catalina (which removes iTunes)

Postby DDavis on 26 Oct 2019, 16:17

The release of the Mac iOS known as Catalina became vernally available on 10/15/2019.

Apple is making a big shift in Catalina by sunsetting iTunes!

I know that MixVibes uses the iTunes directory, and even has an iTunes tab within the MixVibes interface. I have delayed upgrading my Mac to Catalina because I wasn't sure if this would impact my MixVibes software.

Can anyone confirm if an upgrade of MixVibes is available to account for Apple's retirement of iTunes?

Thank you!
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Re: Will MixVibes work on iOS Catalina (which removes iTunes

Postby RoJeC on 27 Oct 2019, 00:07

There's no info on this from the devteam. Likely this means it has not been adjusted.

Doesn't sound like an overnight job to me.

So guess you postpone upgrading if you can...


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Re: Will MixVibes work on iOS Catalina (which removes iTunes

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 28 Oct 2019, 15:36


It's been a problem for pretty much every DJ software as the iTunes XML database is being phased out. Every other company has advised against updating to Catalina until this particular issue is resolved. There are workarounds but at the moment they're just that (workarounds), and are usually provided by paid third-party apps which we haven't tested ourselves.

We'll share the same things that all other DJ software company have said: if you use the iTunes XML database in any way, delay updating to Catalina until this issue is resolved.

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