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Pro and Cons Cross DJ Pro 4

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2019, 18:06
by joostenw
I am an old Mixvibes Producer (V7.2.18) user, but because this version is not longer supported by Mixvibes, I am considering to switch to Cross DJ Pro 4. But that is not as simple as I had hoped.

I have installed the demo version, and it appears that it is possible to read data from third parties (Traktor, Virtual DJ) without any problems, but not from the own older Mixvibes Producer software.
I do not understand that there is support for third party software, but not for the own (older) Mixvibes products.

When it is not possible to import my old Mixvibes Producer mediabase (.vib), which consists of at least 5000 audio files, and which I have provided with relevant information (labels), then I have to enter again manually the information for these 5000 files.

In that case it no longer matters if I choose Cross, Traktor or Virtual DJ because it is all the same amount of work.

In that case I have to consider what the pros and cons are between Cross, Traktor and Virtual DJ.

Can someone tell me what the Cross DJ pros and cons are compared with Traktor and Virtual DJ?

Re: Pro and Cons Cross DJ Pro 4

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2019, 20:28
by RoJeC
I suppose it used to be possible in the past. Though it's before my time with MV products.
If possible likely someone will be willing to assist you providing they have an old PC/laptop around running old Cross version.

I would assume also in the early days change of most labels would be result in update of the tags in the track files.

You could create a new collection and import the tracks using the directory import. By this also all tracks in all subfolders are imported.

For sure this will not handle track data like cues and track analyses (don't even know if this exists in Producer).

In all it might be better to wait for a user with more knowledge might be a better solution.