What kind of audio work is there outside of music studios.

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What kind of audio work is there outside of music studios.

Postby TokiyoRio on 05 Sep 2019, 15:42

I've lurked on this sub for a while and I see a ton of questions on becoming an audio engineer and finding work in a music studio. What I was wondering after spending some time here, is what sort of audio related work is there outside of music?

I have a bunch of questions so I'll just throw some things out there and if anyone has anything to share I'd like to read it. I know of Foley, and general blanket terms like "live sound" and "film/TV work", but I'm hoping maybe some people here might have some more specific experience or knowledge in audio work outside of music just to share? How do people find work outside of musical audio? I know internships are the usual route of getting into a studio. How did the person holding the mic on a film crew get their job? How do people who do post production in TV/film get into that?https://discord.software/ FetLife vshare
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