Read audio from USB OTG

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Read audio from USB OTG

Postby Joanne236 on 27 Aug 2019, 10:21

I have a lot of music files. Far more from what my SD card + internal memory could support even if they had no apps, pictures and whatnot stored into.

I have a 128Go USB stick where I store all my music so I can listen to it on any device. However, this does not work with my Android 6.0 phone.

I mean, I can plug the stick on the device with the cable, then click onto the "USB drive" notification to see the files and then play the file I want. Problem: I want to listen to music through a proper player, which goes onto the next song when one is finished and let me browse my music in an intuitive manner.

So far I was unable to find any player that would detect music on my USB stick. I think I understood now the problem comes from OTG itself - which is made for using a DAC more than a USB stick or to store files more than play them - but I wonder if there isn't some kind of trick or workaround to get, for example, krogerfeedback´╗┐ my phone to detect my USB stick as an SD card, or to make it treat the stick as internal memory (which is possible with SD cards).

My phone is not rooted for now (haven't got the time to investigate much on this) by I do have a custom recovery (TWRP) if that can help. If rooting is necessary I'll dig more into it.

Thanks for your help !
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Re: Read audio from USB OTG

Postby Scurlock8C on 02 Sep 2019, 12:57

We've covered the basics in our article on recording podcast audio on the go, but what if you want to improve your audio recording even further MYBKExperience?
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