I'm ordering my first studio mic but I'm getting cold feet,

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I'm ordering my first studio mic but I'm getting cold feet,

Postby DavidRangde on 24 Aug 2019, 11:48

So I started my beatmaking/production journey almost half a year ago, and last month I started picking up audio equipment in an attempt to create a "mini home-studio", to make stuff more tangible for me, and to surround myself with more... physical incentives, as a way of making the process more fun, instead of just looking at a DAW for hours (I'm like a kiddo, if it's shiny and/or eye candy material, I'll fall for it).

So far I've got an MPK225 (which is working real nice and helped me improve music theory a lot so far, still got way more to learn and test out with it) and a ZOOM UAC-2 that I got as a preparation for the microphone I'd want next.https://discord.software/ FetLife vshare

The point of this micro as you might have guessed, is to record some vocals and other samples (vocal and non vocal), though the emphasis is more on vocal, and after some market browsing I figured I'd want a mic in the 200-300€ cap, so I picked the Rode NT2-A for its all around reliability and good reviews (I work in TV and Cinema too, seen Rode around in clipping and I know it works really well). I decided I'd get it once I had the cash.
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