New Monitor Earphones

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New Monitor Earphones

Postby PetterJhon on 21 Aug 2019, 16:25

Hello everyone,,
So, on a shiny day Ben went into a Media Markt and walked directly to the Headphones section, and started matching brands, prices and whishes...
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So firstly I choose a Ministry of Sound MOS001. It had an awsome cord, that was colied (essential for DJ use also), and the earpeaces were CNC-d aluminium.
9mm drivers, different ear-rubber thingys, 106db pressure, max input power 100mW, 16ohm impedance.
(note: I read a bunch of reviews after I got back from shopping, they said it has a rich bass... I ask: WHERE??? )

All sound great... the price was also nice (on the web it's 15€).

So I got it, tested it right away outside.
Results: My first result were not pleasing... I was searching for a little more bass, and there were some strange resonance on the high end, which a DnB listener must not allow... But it had a very rich sound.
I was not pleased...

So I ran back, paperwork etc, and I was in the store again, heading for the place where I saw a pair of Sennheiser Street II-s. After about 15mins of thinking, I chose that one. Was a little expensive but I Don't Care. For the refund, I had to pay approx 3€ extra.

So I went out to a quiet park nearby, and wonder happens: I found the Bass Ladies and Gentleman :) After running this through a couple different music types I gladly said... Ok, phone, let's test on the Notebook.

And well here I am, happy :)

I trust the brand in this low pricerange, because I have a HD201, cheap as hell, but I have it for 2 years, and I sucessfully broke an earpiece after the 1000th fall (loctite helped).
I also twisted and tore the wire and jack so harly overtime, the wire is still in one pice, and no sign of break...
I hope, that it's holding on, I stepped on them already (by accident) and nothing happened (pain in my uncovered foot don't count :twisted: ).

So I'm looking forward using it in many scenerios :)

Ben Out !

EDIT: It really dempens the noise from the outside... OMG, I feel deaf when I'm wearing them. I listened to them half the volume than my other headwearing ones.
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