A DSP is the biggest value upgrade you can get for your syst

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A DSP is the biggest value upgrade you can get for your syst

Postby Martin77 on 14 Aug 2019, 09:52

A MiniDSP or similar, a microphone and software like Dirac Live can breathe new life into your system. If it's better room-correction in a new amp or a stand-alone solution, it can help your bookshelves play the bass you were missing, it can tighten up a budget sub, it can take some of the guesswork and hassle out of treating and setting up your room.

I bought a budget 10" 100w Gale 3080 sub for fun, because it was dirt cheap, and because I wanted a placeholder while I save for better. With the help of Dirac, it plays down to 25Hz without too much distortion. It helped me time-align and integrate the sub better, and it flattens out the response even in my very-much-less than optimal room.[mod remove]
Even if your wishes are more music-oriented or interest is in smaller speakers, DSP can really help you bring low-end from small enclosures. It can boost the lows and give you the bass you'd never expect from small speakers. It's how B&W can claim and meet 25Hz from their new Formation line, even with just 6.5" drivers, or System Audio can measure 11Hz in-room from 6" drivers in their Legend 60 Silverback series.

This might be heresy to some, but there's a reason why manufacturers have built-in DSPs in their newest active speakers. It lets you accomplish what can't be done with purely analogue solutions.
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Re: A DSP is the biggest value upgrade you can get for your

Postby Hanginon on 16 Aug 2019, 02:05

Absolute nonsense!

DSP's can not defy the Laws of Physics. At any reasonable volume, you are hearing the 2nd harmonic (50 Hz) out of your sub - it's commonly known as "doubling" - and even in multiples of five, 6" direct radiator drivers do not produce significant, distortion free output, below the low frequency threshold of human hearing (again, at any reasonable volume). The +/- 1.5db 17-25,000 Hz spec is meaningless without referencing the level it's played at.

I shall spare everyone the technical reasons why this is so, but you are very wrong. Period.
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