Classy electronica sought for restaurant gigs!!

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Classy electronica sought for restaurant gigs!!

Postby golubeta10 on 01 Aug 2019, 12:53

A restaurant wants me to do electronica that ranges from really spacey, mellow stuff (no strong, intrusive beats) to more of an upbeat groove (like a lot of what Disclosure does). Do you have any favorite artists that are less for intense revelry, and more for a groove atmosphere with a diverse clientele? …a classy vibe that crosses generations to some extent? (I don't mean to push buttons by saying "classy" like the rest isn't—I hope you'll give me a little slack there and understand I'm talking about the venue's vibe and how the music can accentuate it, really.tweakbox appvalley
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Re: Classy electronica sought for restaurant gigs!!

Postby FigDJ on 01 Aug 2019, 13:38

I suggest you look into listening to Sirius XM Channel #53. It is call CHILL. I find the music there good for chill/deep house relax but catchy.
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