hey guys, can you help me !!!!

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hey guys, can you help me !!!!

Postby golubeta10 on 19 Jul 2019, 13:14

Sorry if this is a commonly asked question, but it is nearly impossible to search for obvious reasons. Are there two distinct products in Cross and Cross "DJ"? I've looked at the pages for both products and they appear to be pretty much the same. I'm really interested in this, what with the rekordbox integration now, but as best I can find I'm being required to pay double to get HID support, which leaves me scratching my head, because it doesn't even say HID in the description anywhere. I prefer to just buy it off of iTunes, but I only see Cross "DJ"... and the price seems fair... Most companies seem to give HID support free, so I assume I must be missing something. Also, if there are indeed unique products here, I would recommend to Mixvibes to use a slightly less cryptic term to differentiate your DJ products than "DJ". Maybe like "LE" or "Full" or "Suite" or something that you can actually google and get results for. Thanks.https://redtube.onl/ https://beeg.onl/ https://spanktube.vip/spankbang/
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Re: hey guys, can you help me !!!!

Postby FigDJ on 19 Jul 2019, 13:19

Cross DJ LE -is specific for particular controllers and it is normally sold on a bundle with the controller.

Cross DJ have all features minus HID, Video, and timecode for spinning with turntables.

Cross Pro has everything.
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