Just bought Cross DJ 4 Beta - some remarks

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Re: Just bought Cross DJ 4 Beta - some remarks

Postby Team@Mixvibes on 30 Mar 2019, 18:33

Hi guys!

Hanginon is correct in that you will need to register the license key given to you when you pre-ordered and then you should be able to access it here: Beta Update

Just found out about this yesterday and haven't been able to test it yet, also we should be adding an announcement about registering your license to access beta updates to avoid more confusion but we are waiting to get all of the info. We should hopefully be able to have all of this by Monday.

Adam @Mixvibes
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Thank You!
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Re: Just bought Cross DJ 4 Beta - some remarks

Postby Gid on 30 Mar 2019, 19:20

oh yes.

Thanks, the beatgrid bug is fixed. great work.

You also added the zoom functionality of the wave, great.
And a bigger cover picture beside the waves.
But there seems to be a bug. First the cover is shown rectangular, when I click it is circular, the next click it is circular and empty just a grey circle with black background. I don`t get the rectangular view again. And there is no possibilty to deactivate the view of the cover completely. This would be fine, to get a bigger wave view.

work in progress. nice. Like the new Interface. Good work.
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Re: Just bought Cross DJ 4 Beta - some remarks

Postby Demus1771 on 03 Apr 2019, 14:35

Ok...More testing the MIDI learn has gotten much better ...haven't had any crashes as yet. The cover import for file only work with mp3,m4a,flac but it does not work for aiff files, and most of my files are aiff files. Deck 3 and 4 now works and their is a master section now that works as well. But there is still no sync for the sampler to the master decks. But the sampler can be the master and you can sync the decks to it but not the other way around...Also the wave display looks some what muddy and busy,,,even compare to Cross 3. Just my personal opinion...I like the look of Engine Prime, Flow 8 and the New Traktor DJ 2 wave display better I think it gives a much better view for a more accurate beat gridding...
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