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Help with Remixvideo

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2018, 05:00
by Mrwright
I have just downloaded the Remixvideo demo and love it so far but i can not get it to send to secondary screen/projector , this may due to the fact its the demo ? if any one knows the answer

Re: Help with Remixvideo

PostPosted: 17 Nov 2018, 22:05
by Team@Mixvibes
Hello Mrwright,

Sorry you are having issues getting the Remixvideo demo to output to a secondary screen! It should have all features of the full version so there might be something else causing the problem.

Can you let us know more about your setup? Are you using an output directly from your computer or a USB to VGA or HDMI adaptor for the second screen? Also let us know the technical details of your computer, OS, CPU, RAM and GPU

Adam @Mixvibes