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Custom MIDI Mappings need an Improvement

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2018, 16:47
by Cyanit
Hello Mixvibes Developers and Forum users!

Setting up a custom script for the Maschine Jam takes hours.
I know, it's not intended to be used as DJ controller, but its what I have and it works like a charm in Bitwig Studio 2.

Which brings me to my feature request: please add a graphic MIDI learn via right click in the user interface.

Another feature Id like to see would be the ability to use combinations of buttons, e.g.: "CC37 + CC0" clears cue point 1. Or (which would be even better) add the possibility to use the shift button on NI Maschine (and any other) devices.
An easily customizable controller editor would set Cross DJ apart from other DJ software.

I know, you've been busy with Rekordbox, Remixlive, the mobile apps and Remixvideo, but please, take care of Cross DJ as well ;)

- - - - -

Have a nice day,