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lost serial number i-mix

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2018, 13:44
by provedance
hello i bought a second hand a DJ tech i-mix yesterday
when installing software, ask for a code that is normally on the CD.
But if I want to open Mixvibes3dex I get nothing to see. Please help

Re: lost serial number i-mix

PostPosted: 15 Oct 2018, 23:14
by RoJeC
The key is at the sleeve of the CD.

If you purchased second hand you should receive the key of the previous owner.

We don't know wo it is as the software licenses are bundled by the manufacturer of the MIDI device.

And please don't start multiple topics on the same issue. To keep it in top of the list just reply to your own topic.

As the bundled software is an older type for most MIDI devices (usually 2.6) you might want to consider using Cross DJ instead of the Cross LE version. It has some advantages like being able to use without controller connected and you can install and use at 2 devices and maybe more important it's build for the current OS like W8 and W10.

The Cross Demo version may help you out

Re: lost serial number i-mix

PostPosted: 16 Oct 2018, 08:12
by provedance
I will try the Cross DJ

Re: lost serial number i-mix

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2018, 16:32
by provedance
last question how is it possible that the code is no longer on the CD.
how can I work my DJ tech now?

Thx Andre

Re: lost serial number i-mix

PostPosted: 21 Oct 2018, 19:10
by daniel clark
:idea: the serial # /licence is the important part/by having it it proves proof of purches/the serial # is/was on the software cd sleeve /by regerstering it on the fourm,you will then have access to the download section /where you can down load the software or updates ,, so in essence you dont have the software or ability to use the software :cool: