headphone problems

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headphone problems

Postby sniekee on 15 Aug 2018, 22:10

I've bought a pdc-10 MIDI controler with mixvibes Cross DJ.
I want to use my headphone but if I use asio4all my program just freeze. But if I use my own soundcard the program works verry well.
How can I fix this promblem?
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Re: headphone problems

Postby Daniellephillips on 16 Nov 2018, 08:12

When an earpiece's wire gets too far stretched and it loses connection with the speaker earpiece part, that's when this problem occurs. You might need to replace the headphone jack or speaker that or just Cross purchase a brand new pair of headphones or earphones because that is probably least luxurious but in case you want to know the way to restoration your headphones or earphones I can provide an explanation for. Try figuring out what works high-quality to make that your piece paintings unless it's now not operating in any way even in case you've bent the cord or bottom. Cut the bottom off if that's the problem.

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Re: headphone problems

Postby RoJeC on 16 Nov 2018, 12:16

Forget about the reply of the previous user that wrote this 5 minutes after registering.

When select the ASIO4ALL soundcard open the settings. Make sure you have the right soundcard selected.
Adjust the latency(audiobuffer) to a level that works. Start with e.g. double value.

If still issues check if the souncard is being used exclusively by a different program or the OS.

Once it works bring it down in smaller steps to the level that you start to hear audiodrops/pops/ End with a liitle above this point.

As for ASIO the audiobuffer is a lot smaller than for a WDM driver you have to use a lower value.
The buffersize determines the responsiveness of you actions. This is the length of the sound that is being send to your soundcard. Once send it will be processed and audible. However the lower/smaller the more frquent the CPU has to add new content to the soundcard. And if this becomes to frequent it will create audio problems.


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