External Mixer?

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External Mixer?

Postby Blanche96 on 19 Jun 2018, 04:09

Hi guys, I'd like to ask a bit of advice if that's ok?

My current mixer is a stage mixer, rather than a DJ one, and it's been very useful for karaoke, but not so good as for DJ work. I have to send all the output from my laptop to just one channel (stereo fortunately), and there is no PFL/Monitor function on it. It is a superb mixer for karaoke and live performance though, so I'd like to keep it.

I've seen a great mixer for sale, 4 mic channels, 4 line/phono inputs, 1 master mic input for DJ, separate equaliser for both stereo channels (l/r), and most important, pfl on each channel.

I'd just like to know if it is better running Cross through an external mixer, and apart from the pfl and a dedicated channel for each deck, what advantages there might be. Or any disadvantages? Is there any impact on system performance when using an external mixer?
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Re: External Mixer?

Postby discopex on 19 Jun 2018, 06:36

I usually DJ with an external mixer. It is great for fast cuts with faders (since a DJ controller with no 'real' mixer always deals with software and the computer to process sound there is a small lag depending on the cpu power and soundcard latency) and proper mixers feel usually more robust than controllers. For me there are only a couple things that feel like disadvantage: gigging outside hometown means a bit more stuff to take on the road and the need for an extra soundcard plus cables.
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