wave form and track layout on 2knxs

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wave form and track layout on 2knxs

Postby lupacexi on 07 May 2018, 08:07

Im just wondering about the following. So I got the hid to work and everything is good. But ive noticed that the track layout bar thingy and the wave form on the nexus changes when i use Cross in hid. It becomes smaller and you cant see break downs etc. This makes it almost impossible to do needle searches on the cdj itself, and you would have to look at the laptop to see it all working. Also, the loop bar dissapears and doesnt work like when u just use nxs.

With traktor, all those things are still pretty much the same, and you dont actually even have to look at the computer at all.

Someone suggested that it could be a firmaware issue on the cdj, but i thought I'd ask here.

Its not a major issue (actually probably not an issue for some people at all), but ive never before used a laptop to DJ and this just feels a little weird.. I was hoping to get somehting that I can put my laptop out of sight.

Any thoughts?
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