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Postby cacao on 19 Feb 2018, 22:51

daniel clark wrote::idea: some where in thease speculations lies the truth ,,
looked at the pricing for rekord box DJ.. and to get the vid functions ,,twice the totasl price of Cross at full price :eek:

The price is higher because you are the "Pioneer".
As the word says : p i o n e e r.
You can't sell a controller for 600-1000-1500€ and software for 50-100€.
All the things that we asked in the forum they put them in recordbox.
We talk about it and we "blame" them for that because Pioneer wrote about them. About the develop, the design, the improve.
Last one:
Its better for them to work for colossus and pay them every month, from trying to keep they own business. ;) ;) ;)
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