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Need help

Postby mrbigball on 01 Feb 2018, 04:58

Good Morning,

i just bought Mixvibes Ultimate DVS off ebay 2 days ago, but I still cant get it to work. I`ve raed nearly everything i found on the internet, but still nothing. I really cant figure out where the problem is, so I´ll try to explain to you how I did set mixvibes up.

I connect the outs (cinch) and Ground from my turntable to the Input 1 from my U-Mix and the ground to the U-Mix.
( Is there a problem that i dont use a DJ mixer? Back in the days I used to work with m-audio torq, and there wasnt a problem???)

Then I connect the output 1 from the U-Mix directly to the MPC 2000 inputs.
(Here again, the mpc dont` get no inputs. Maybe it`s a problem that the inputs of the MPC are 6,3mm Klinke and no cinch???
The thing is if i plug the audio outs of my U-Mix directly into my studio monitors i cant here a sound)

Then I did setup the audio in windows. For recording i choose the mixbives sound device. For Playback i also did choose the mixvibes sound device.

Here again a problem. When I try to play a timecode vinyl, the U-Mix can only pick up a very weak signal, so that i cant`configure my turntables when i use the install wizard.

What i else noticed is that when i play timecode vinyls, i can hear a lot noise of my turntables, which is probably the timecode signal. Is it normal that u hear this noise coming of the vinyl???

I Know, many questions, but im absolutely clueless what I´m doing wrong.

Would be so kind if anyone could help me.
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Re: Need help

Postby RoJeC on 02 Feb 2018, 02:22

Biggest problem like is that Ultimate development stopped like a decade ago. So was made for XP/Vista latest.

Current OS's are not supported. So your problem can be in many places.

BEst you give Cross Demo a try (in downloads section).

Fair chance it works with the audio devices.

If you hear tc sound than you have to disable monitoring of the inputs in the soundcard settings.


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