From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

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From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

Postby MixMasterG on 24 Nov 2017, 14:47

A quick introduction, I'm the author of various DJ related utilities. Mainly geared toward platform conversion.

Cross DJ is already very well equipped to convert from and to various platforms, tho some are still missing.
I'm very proud to announce that my apps will enable even more freedom they are now fully compatible with a Cross DJ generated Rekordbox.xml.

The Denon Conversion Utility - DeCU and it's bundled companion app the iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool - CBT.
You can now convert your entire Cross DJ collection to Denon's Engine Prime.
But if you use DeCU and CBT together things get even better. Because they allow you to continue to use Cross DJ as your DJ preparation platform of choice. All you need to do is:

• select a Cross generated Rekordbox.xml in CBT. This will automatically copy all the tracks that are used in that XML to an (ExFAT formatted) USB disk
• run DeCU using as source the modified XML CBT created on that USB stick

The result: a USB stick you can connect to the Denon SC5000 player directly or that can be utilized as part of the Engine Prime - EP collection. You'll find all your Cross DJ folder/playlist structures translated into nested crates, your cues, loops beatgrid, bpm and key as set in Cross DJ converted to the SC5000. And all in a matter of minutes without any manual labor or going through EP. Fair enough EP is required for automatic analyzation which will create the needed graphical waveforms, this is also the part of the conversion process where about 80% of the total processing time of is spend.

The workflow is in essence what I show in this YouTube tutorial, where a Rekordbox.xml as generated by the DJ Conversion Utility from Traktor data is used as a source.

I'll be happy to make a Cross specific video tutorial. But what I've discovered is that Cross users are more technical skilled then the average other DJ software user. So I doubt this is necessary.

Bundled with DeCU also comes the Denon eXtractor Tool - DeXT. This one allows you to do the opposite, convert the history, prepare and playlists from an SC5000 USB back to Rekordbox.xml, which can be used to import into Cross DJ.

DeCU and it's companion apps can be bought at:
https://[mod link removed]

My other separate app, the DJ Conversion Utility. This one allows you to transfer your Cross folder/playlist structure to iTunes. Which is ideal for those who want to sync their Cross DJ folders/playlists with an iOS device through iTunes.
And DJCU allows conversion of cues and beatgrid to Algoriddim's djay platform (both djay 2 and Pro on both MacOS and iOS). The current incarnations do not have a saved loop function beginning of loops are converted to cues.

DJCU can be bought at:
https://[mod link removed]

If there are any questions I'm here to answer them. And I hope this will not be seen as an endorsement to switch platforms. More a way to get even more freedom to hop platforms without giving up the already invested labor.

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Re: From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

Postby RoJeC on 24 Nov 2017, 23:18

Advertising for third party software is against forum rules.

For now only the links have been removed. Might be the while topic will be removed.

As apparently you are not a Cross user it is only for commercial reasons you joined the forum.


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Re: From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

Postby Hanginon on 25 Nov 2017, 14:18

A huge advantage Serato DJ has over any other DJ software, is keeping your library on external memory (stick or HD), and being able to drag/drop crates to it, minus the idiot xml file.

If you are a working DJ that keeps two laptops up to date with identical libraries on internal HD's, one for backup, you know how important this is. Being able to move files back and forth, with Cues, loops, etc., intact, and not having to constantly re-analyze, (again, because not having to move an idiot xml file) is really helpful.

I can see where DeCU could be developed as a great work-around for this problem with Cross DJ. Too bad it is a Windows only app, my OS of choice.
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Re: From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

Postby MixMasterG on 25 Nov 2017, 18:14

Hey Hanginon

iR CBT will do exactly what you ask for. Collect the tracks to an external drive and create a modified XML with folder/playlists cues loops beatgrid etc in tact.

The modified XML can be used on a Rekordbox/Cross DJ equiped laptop and you got your entire collection available.

DeCU is strictly for use on the Denon Prime Platform.

and my apps are MacOS only, not windows :)


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Re: From Cross DJ to Denon Prime/SC5000, iTunes and djay

Postby DJ Vintage on 25 Nov 2017, 21:22

Well, i AM a Cross DJ user (and enthousiastic and longstanding one) and I can safely say that this tool will be top of my list when I finally get my Denon Prime setup. I am pretty sure Mixvibes won't supply this conversion and 100% Denon won't.

So +1 on this tool.

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