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recovering acount

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 20:16
by dusty1983
I have decided to come back to using this program but have lost my licence key etc is there away I can use my details etc to recover or have I got to buy again.
I have re downloaded program but only the lite version comes up and to upgrade I can only see an option to re pay but this seems a little unfair. thanks

Re: recovering acount

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 20:52
by daniel clark
:cool: is this the original regerstered account set up by you on the fourm ,, if it is then if you followed the fourm rules you would have entered the software licence key in your profile under serial # ,, there you can retrieve it to gain access to the down load section to get the latest version ,
if this wasnt done then there is no way mixvibes knows what software you have :cool:

Re: recovering acount

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 20:54
by daniel clark
Re: Pioneer ddjsb bringing up error msg
Postby daniel clark on 27 Oct 2015, 15:48

:eek: :idea: gonna need some more info as to your set up ,,ie operating system ,, sound card set up info on the controller ,, screen shots of audio confif , what you have tried to get it to run ,what version of the software are you useing ,etc ,, just realy give us bare minium of info and expect a solution with not knowing what you are wiorking with ,,


if you get a chance please regerster the software licence key in the fourm ,,user control panel/profile /serial # ,, this gives access to download section for latest version of software ,,

need more info to help you solve this , :cool:

:idea: try running it in 32 bit mode ,,Pioneer had issues with the drivers not working in 64 bit mode :idea:
,,gave you this info in the begining

Re: recovering acount

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2017, 21:05
by daniel clark
:idea: :idea: second suggestion to regerster

Postby daniel clark on 28 Oct 2015, 19:31

dusty1983 wrote:
are there any fx downloads as standard ones compared to serato of virtual DJ are shocking thanks again

:eek: what would be shocking would not to take the time to regerster ,,and misplace your licence key ,, and in essence no abilty to restore your software if your computer system failed :eek:


Re: recovering acount

PostPosted: 07 Oct 2017, 19:43
by dusty1983
all sorted thanks for response