Using Rekord Box connected to Windows 10 PC

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Using Rekord Box connected to Windows 10 PC

Postby videofame on 23 Jul 2017, 12:45

I want to purchase the Mixvibes application but have no idea how to use it after watching the Tutorial.
My Setup:
I have the Pioneer DJ Controller DDJ-RX which connected to my Windows 10 Pro PC and I'm using the Rekord Box DJ software to control the DDJ-RX Controller and manage all the music for the live sets. So that means I have the Rekord Box active on my PC screen. So what am I suppose to do also start the Mixvibes app and have it active on my screen? Or do I need to have the Mixvibes on another PC. Ultimately I want to have the autopilot video effects active on my projector which uses HDMI in. I already have HDMI out on all my Windows PC's. If I have to use two PC's then I have to know how to get sound from the DDJ-RX Mixer on PC 1 to somekind of audio in on PC 2 if that's where Mixvibes is suppose to be.
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Re: Using Rekord Box connected to Windows 10 PC

Postby daniel clark on 23 Jul 2017, 14:01

:eek: :idea: are you talking about the rekord box DJ software :?:
:?: have you look at/tried the demo version of Cross software

whats the reason for wanting too use at the same time ,, :?:
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