Christmas update

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Christmas update

Postby FigDJ on 08 Dec 2015, 15:36

I was so hoping that an update to Cross was ready for the holidays but all I hear is "Crickets". I am hoping that some of my suggestions made it into a new update. Oh well, perhaps something will be out for Winter NAM. Rekordbox has now surpassed Cross in some features but is lacking other ones that Cross has.

Does anyone have any information as to how Cross' key detection stands against that of Serato and Rekordbox?
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Re: Christmas update

Postby sfronti on 08 Dec 2015, 16:13

Take a look at this and read at the end of the coomments that the creator of Keyfinder says that MixVibes uses its key detection. ... 5-edition/

The sad thing is that for one more time they don't include Cross in their tests but only the "famous" software.

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Re: Christmas update

Postby FigDJ on 08 Dec 2015, 18:24

That is the article I. was reading the origin of my question. However I missed the comment from the developer.

Assuming that key finder results are exactly the same as Cross, then Serato and Rekordbox are pulling away.

I really like the waveforms in Rekordbox and Serato so I am hoping that Mixvibes developers listened to my suggestions and gripes.

I am holding back, unless the new Rekordbuddy can convert all my metadata to the other formats as I don't want to re-do beatgrids, cue points, Loops, bpm and keys.
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Re: Christmas update

Postby daniel clark on 10 Dec 2015, 00:37

:cool: hopefully it a merry christmas and new year for mixvibes users,may the cheers and holiday sprits of mixvibes users drown out the critkets :mrgreen: ,,looked at a link for the new rekord box ,,looks intersting ,,
shame mixvibes only get a side note in this article :cry: :cool:
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Re: Christmas update

Postby HawnSolo on 14 Dec 2015, 21:11

I also am hoping for a decent update soon, and it would make sense to do it around the holidays!

I've noticed that my suggestion to allow for color changing on decks has made it's way into the Android Cross and it would make sense to add it to the PC and iOS versions.

IMO updating and unifying the look of all versions of Cross (Including Cross Remote!!) would be killer, though not as important as some other updates.

As FigDJ mentioned, the beatmacher waveforms really could be updated, I too like the look of Serato and Rekordbox's waveforms more then in Cross, but I do like the horizontal orientation (I used to use vertical in Serato, but once I got used to horizontal it made more sense).

I really love the song match feature you added, but it would be great to have it expanded on. For example, being able to set a range of BPMs for it to search through, or being able to limit the search to certain genres, playlists, ect... would be very useful.
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Re: Christmas update

Postby FigDJ on 26 Jan 2016, 21:57

I don't mean to start a panic and that is why I did not start a new thread. However, Christmas and NAMM came and went without any mention of updates from Mixvibes.

It makes me wonder if Mixvibes Cross will follow the fate of
M-Audio Torq. back in that timeframe, the forum started to lacked on news or updates and the involvement of actual M-Audio employees was very scarce.

It makes me wonder if I should look at the alternatives. Although at this point Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ have new features and enhancements they still lack some features that Cross has already However, they are very close to fully surpass Cross.

I am about the amount of work that will take to switch software. Perhaps with advent of the new Rekordbuddy support for Cross (scheduled to support Cross convertion in the future) it would be less painful.
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Re: Christmas update

Postby DJ Vintage on 26 Jan 2016, 22:49

Imho, it isn't about who has what features. It's about what features do YOU need to have things as close as possible to your desired workflow.

I really don't care what other software has, I won't start looking at other software unless I feel I am lacking something in my current software to do my job right.

Clearly I follow what others do, but in most cases their features are nice to have but hardly anywhere near "killer" features.

I do share your sentiments on the stability of Mixvibes as a company. I know there is lots of work going on behind the screens, so I don't think wrapping up the company is anywhere in the stars.

However, you compare to the fate of Torq (which I believe was called something else before that too!). Now as memory serves Torq was bought by a bigger company. And while it still never took off, it was a really niche program to begin with.

Now, just for arguments sake, let's say that InMusic (Numark, Denon, Akai, among others) were to purchase Mixvibes (possible now that they no longer produce RekordBox software for Pioneer). I think that would be good for the users in a big way.
A well-run company, that can bundle the software with all their controllers. A company very good in marketing and covering everything from almost toy-like home controllers to pro-grade high-end flagships (NV, NS7 and MCX0800 anybody?).

It might just give Mixvibes the boost it needs to be elevated to the "Big 5" (now the Big 4 with Serato, VDJ, Traktor and RekordBox DJ).

A company like InMusic is very well versed in things like roadmaps. A good example is the silence after the purchased Denon. They had a clear road map and now, about a year later, they came out of hiding with a whole heap of new products.

And a good roadmap for Mixvibes would ensure regular feature updates.

Just my two cents, as usual.
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Re: Christmas update

Postby FigDJ on 27 Jan 2016, 05:36

I agree with you about the features needed for a particular workflow.

In my case Torq was dead and is still dead. So I picked Cross because I often play music from the late 70's and early 80's were the drummer was drunk, there were no steady beat synthetisers and the singer was often early to the drop beat. So Cross beatgriding is perfect.

However, Torq also had things like 4 chained or serial effects per deck, quick scratch, master clock. Featurea that have all been requested and are present either in Rekordbox, Serato or Traktor.

I am looking because I waited to the last minute to switch out of Torq and it was long and tedious to rework the cues and loops to another software. If Cross is going the same way then I want to start preparing for the worst.

If you know for a fact that there is a lot of work being done (other than on the iOS or Android arena) then you are one of the few in the know. However, from my point of view I have not heard anything. Not even on the Alpha or Beta testing.

Torq had some great features that were ahead of its time. Features that I have requested years ago and expected Cross to catch up by now. Features that are present in some form in the other Big 4 software packages.

Now Torq was bought by InMusic and it disappeared into oblivion. It was not a good move for the Torq team who many of them went to Traktor and VDJ.

I am just afraid that something similar might be happening to Cross.
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Re: Christmas update

Postby haga46 on 27 Jan 2016, 10:37

I'm on several forums, cars and motorbikes Belgium, Netherlands, UK and American and my conclusion = this forum is lacking official support @ it's worst. And sadly enough it's the official company's forum :rolleyes:

If it would be a users forum i could understand this.

RoJeC does the technical support @ it's best (think he's the only official support)

All the help and support in the MIDI mapping section comes from FigDJ (one of the most dedicated forumers)

Daniel Clark gives support wherever he can (also one of the most dedicated forumers)

And the mixvibes team chime in once in awhile.

That sums it up i think, the most progress is in the mobile apps section.

I've given myself a Christmas update i've soled the beatmix 2 and bought a TM8 (i know there's no MV support for this controller and after the beatmix 2 that was a beginners spec i'm not going to try and map the TM8 bcuz it's gonna b 2 complicated to map the outputs :cry: ) but the price was a steal :mrgreen: and i've upgraded to Serato DJ Suite also @ a steal price same price as the Cross software 129€.

I'll keep the MV software cuz i liked it, it's just a shame it's lacking support.

I'm certain if you ask a few bucks more for all the apps and there is more official support and more updates for controllers and software the MV apps will be hard to beat ;)

Just my 2 cents though ;)
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Re: Christmas update

Postby RoJeC on 27 Jan 2016, 11:36

I'd better cut down my hours at the forum... Just like all moderators I'm 'just a user'.
The mixvibes forum has always been 'user driven'. In the past some there was more presence of MV. Part of this was caused by the necessity to get details form users when an issue occurred. Nowadays more can be resolved by using smarter debug tools and shared usage data.

Regarding new developments it's always a challenge to explore new roads (e.g. new true 64-bit solutions) when you try to be (stay) ahead (again)...


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