EnVivo Manual USB DJ Controller ENV 1274

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Re: EnVivo Manual USB DJ Controller ENV 1274

Postby djimbo on 11 Oct 2017, 17:15

RoJeC wrote:The Cross software has been bundled with the controller by the manufacturer of the envivo. So basically this issue is not about the Cross software and we can't solve it for you.

That being clearified, the Cross software is is only Win or Mac. So even when you get the controller to work with your system you will not be able to use the Cross software with your system.

In case you somehow noticed a remark on Cross Linux: This never passed the Beta phase. The only linux based software nowadays is for Android...

Soooooo....you are saying I cannot use this controller with the software it was supplied with, due to the fact it is not compatible with Ubuntu? (Linux).

Ok, that is an answer, not one I like, but thank you, perhaps you could pass that on to the tech team who sent me an email after my phone call with them, I did prompt the compatibility issue but plainly they were not aware of this. I shall perhaps try to find a windows driven laptop for my DJ'ing, as I like the simple look of this controller.
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Re: EnVivo Manual USB DJ Controller ENV 1274

Postby RoJeC on 11 Oct 2017, 17:34

NOt sure who you talked to, but very unlikely you talked to someone of MixVibes (makers of Cross). As they do all by mail/forum.

It may well be that the controller supports Linux as MIDI is easy to support and audiodrivers may be available by the manufacturer.

Don't think Linux support is mentioned anywhere in the specs of the bundle.


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