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Postby UncleVibes on 18 Feb 2008, 15:50

Hi Welcome to the MixVibes community and support space.

The rules are pretty simple :
1. No offensive material off any kind. Be courteous and helpful
2. No PMs to moderators for support. You can make a new post and then PM the link to a mod though. (some specific problems need to be posted by PM not general support)

Before posting :
1. Check for a new update and update your MixVibes
2. Check the FAQs and tutorials
3. Use the search functionnality

When Posting :
1. Let us know what hardware you are using (Laptop, Soundcard, COntroller device)
2. If reporting a technical issue, Post a config report

The following things are not allowed on this forum:

-messages that are obscene, hateful, abusive, threatening or otherwise violative of any laws condescending or patronizing behavior towards other forum members messages designed to insult or slander the MixVibes team, or any other person or company posting of copyrighted pictures, texts, audio or similiar material unless explicit permission exists disclosure of private or confidential information that might be harmful to any person or company discussion of software piracy, regardless of perspective
posting of marketing texts or press releases that refer to products not associated with MixVibes posting of identical topics across multiple threads or forums (cross-posting) advertisement of commercial products or services of any kind, unless explicit permission exists direct or indirect representation of a manufacturer, retailer or any other commercial entity usernames that wrongfully impersonate existing people or organizations, or that are offensive in any way using more than one forum account, or any other misleading usage of forum identities any kind of private sales, direct or indirect, outside of official "Buy&Sell" threads messages specifically designed to inflame controversy or exert pressure on MixVibes any action that is aimed to disrupt the operation of the forums or to offend its visitors in any way

Postings that fall under any of these criteria might be edited or deleted by forum administrators or moderators without further notice. MixVibes also reserves the right to disable the account of members who repeatedly violate the forum rules.

KARMA & Wisdom system : This new allows you to win free gifts. Other users will have the possibility to rate your post according to its usefulness. You will win or lose karma according to the rates you will receive. Be helpful and increase your Karma to claim a “Destiny gift” *:

1 000 000: a trip to Thailand for 2
10 000: Vfx Control or Production of a video (after audition)
7 000: MixVibes Cross Pack
4 000: U-Mix 44 soundcard
2 000: MixVibes Cross DJ
1 000: Become a VIP member (free stickers, visit our office …)
0: Welcome to MixVibes community

A good karma gives you wisdom. This wisdom allows you to give higher rates (a new user has a +/-1 power, while wise user has a +/-10 power).
The wisdom is assigned according to karma, seniority and participation to the karma of other users. Do not try to cheat with karma, because karma knows everything!! Limitations : one vote per post, 20 votes per day

Although the administrators and moderators will attempt to keep all objectionable content off these forums, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and MixVibes will not be held responsible for the content. MixVibes also assumes no obligation to edit or delete postings against its own discretion.
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