Salue! Hi! Hallöle!

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Salue! Hi! Hallöle!

Postby Soot on 15 Jan 2009, 15:16

Hi everobody

I'm just a little bedroom-dj stuck in the end 90s with breakbeats (120-145 bpm, d'n'b is too fast for my taste (and my records)).

I stopped some years due to having no time (work) but decided to launch the hobby again.
I still like the same music but I got to get into everything again. I don't even know if and what scene exists around the music I like today.

So if I get to a good level again I may soon like to share. Maybe there are still some out there sharing my taste :]

But shurely mv will help me broaden up my mixing horizon.

So I wish you lots of insipiration and fun while djing.


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Male, 26, Swiss, lives in Zurich
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Re: Salue! Hi! Hallöle!

Postby jiel on 15 Jan 2009, 16:03

hello and welcome in the community
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Re: Salue! Hi! Hallöle!

Postby Dj NB on 15 Jan 2009, 17:51

Welcome here bro happy times

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Re: Salue! Hi! Hallöle!

Postby gakto2009 on 15 Jan 2009, 23:26

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