question on loop

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question on loop

Postby smaks on 11 Jan 2009, 12:22

Hey all,

I wanted to ask you guy's how i can take a loop from a song that is playing and send it to a sampler or something like that ?

What i do is make a x-beat loop at the end of the song and let it play in the mix , ofcourse i wanna change the song but i can t cause i m looping the end of it, so i was wondering someone here could explain me a technique to make a live loop and use it thru a sampler or something.

The explaination isn t that but you get my drift :lol:

Thx in advance for your answers .
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Re: question on loop

Postby phadedvision on 11 Jan 2009, 12:33

Hi -

Producer has better send to sampler features, but since you're using DVS, you can make this work just fine with a little practice.

The circled number is your loop length. The send button sends the loop to your sampler. If you have the two circled buttons in the sampler on, your sample will play on repeat.

With DVS, you're going to have to manually hit the sampler pad. In Producer, there are advanced "send" settings that'll make things easier for you.

Hope this helps,

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