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Re: Hardware only Producer skin...

Postby SebastianB on 09 Dec 2008, 14:23

bigibang wrote:
SebastianB wrote:Can you post a screenshot?

post edited one more time ;)

Nice and simple. I didn't think about personalizing my skin with some graphics, but got some space left on sampler :cool:

gakto2009 wrote:I was unaware that there was the possibility of setting single keystroke commands to these actions but it would be an interesting thought that i may just look into.

Check command "select".

gakto2009 wrote:Again i don’t know if there is a keyboard command to switch between windows/tabs though having the windows tabbed has been a feature of Mixvibes movable windows/windows captions for a long time without any special skin or manipulation.

I found command "change", it says
"change tab val1=tab val2=0(current view) 1(media view) 2(explorer) 3(playlist)"
I wanted to map it like "activeview" which changes the active view ( ;) ) and works, but "change" don't want to cooperate (simply does nothing). I messed with values but it still doesn't work.

gakto2009 wrote:Mapping keys for these functions for now i believe is not possible either though its funny that you should bring this up.. i have been messing about with using an infra red remote control for these function using an original Playstation 2 ir remote and software called Girder. Girder maps recived ir codes and has the ability to translate them into keyboard commands much like the Microsoft Media Centre Remote. Girder also has the ability to execute multiple keyboard commands with one button press on an ir remote, doesn’t work so well for realtime events as the latency is not so great but any action that can be made with a keyboard in the media base and other parts of Mixvibes can be easily mapped including left and right clicks.

An example of this would be adding a song to the playlist, as there is no “CTRL+” shortcut in Mixvibes for this, pressing a button on the ir remote would emulate the following keyboard commands on a highlighted track “right click, arrow down 8 times then enter”.

I’m still very much playing with this idea but it seems to work very well for the purposes i want to use it for, and if it does work 100% i’ll be posting the information on whats needed and how to do it including building your own infra red receiver.

Good thinking, if we find program to translate keyboard keys to keyboard/mouseclick macros with good latency it would help us to add files to playlist with a single key :) Or maybe simply add this feature to MV?

I remember that there was (or is but not in DVS which I have) something like mixvibes sequences, I've never tested it but afaik it allowed us to record some actions and load it from menu. If it was possible to use shortcuts instead of loading sequences it would also be very interesting.


I just found an interesting program: Autohotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com), just write a script and do whatever you want with a single key :) I made this small script for uploading media in playlist with win+s:

Code: Select all
If WinActive("ahk_class Mixvibes 7") 
   send {AppsKey} ;
   Loop 7
      send {Down}
      send {Enter}

= "If Mixvibes window is on the top, press right click key, 7xdown and enter. "

It is safe, because will be used only in mixvibes but it's not when mediabase isn't active. Eg if playlist is active, option 7 will be "delete all" :confused:
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