Very affordable controller for looping

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Very affordable controller for looping

Postby polocorp on 28 Nov 2008, 10:54

I've been using one of these. they cost around 10 euros :D


This was an idea of Unclevibes and frankly it's a great solution for small budgets or DJs who want a very mobile/light looping device to use along with decks .

All you need to do is map the keyboard and put a few stickers on it for your loop in/loop out/ loop value / cue points / locators, etc...

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Re: Very affordable controller for looping

Postby phadedvision on 30 Nov 2008, 07:01

This is an AWESOME idea!
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Re: Very affordable controller for looping

Postby UncleVibes on 30 Nov 2008, 09:57

Thank you! :)
It's now very easy to map with mv7 & the learn function. It works very well with no perception of latency. If you just need buttons on a controller there is no cheapest price, you can find one in your nearest computer shack for a couple of $ or €.
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