Present gear and future one!!!!

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Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby Dj NB on 12 Oct 2008, 11:20

So guys, are you using Vestax, Technics, Numark, American Audio, JBSystems???

Whats your favorite mixer, turntable/CD player, cartridge, headphones etc. etc. etc.????? Lets hear some advice for mixers!?

By the way MIXVIBES rocks!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby wazza on 12 Oct 2008, 13:59

Vestax & edirol for me..

turntables...Vestax 2300 mk2
MIDI mixer ...Vestax vci-100
MIDI controller ...edirol pcr 500
sound card ...edirol fa-66
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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby abitmessie on 12 Oct 2008, 20:52

Technics decks all the way
Pioneer mixers for Tech/electro mixing
Rane Empath for scratching!!! dopest mixer on the market best purchase i had made!
Edriol Sound cards/using maudio at the moment but i have fallen in love with my mates edriol so that next on the list to buy
Midicontroller evolution UC33
Producer 7.4, DVS 7.4, Cross 1.3.2,
M-Audio Quattro, U46mk2, Evolution UC33, LaunchPad Technics 1200sl Mk2 , Rane Empath, DDM4000
Windows 7 (Abits Build v2)

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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby polocorp on 13 Oct 2008, 13:40

you'll be surprised to know i'm using the Reloop Decks. RP-6000 MK6 are really dope. Great stability and powerful Torque. check them out if ever you get a chance they're really impressive.

needles : orthfon Elektro
mixer : DJM 600
Interface : edirol. (Trying to pick up an RME)
MIDI : Evolution UC33

MixVibes Cross 2
MacBook PRO
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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby Psykadelik on 13 Oct 2008, 16:11

Stanton ST-150
Ortofon Qbert Concorde
Mackie d.2
Echo Audiofire8

I want to get some Vestax PDX-3000mix, PMC-08Pro, and/or a Rodec Scratchbox.

Also either a Sonica Labs Livetracker, ADK Q1 SR, or a Macbook Pro
2 Stanton ST-150 + 2 Ortofon Concorde QBert + Vestax PMC-08Pro

Intel Corei7 620M 2.66 GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
500 GB HD
512 MB ATI Radeon Graphics
Echo Audiofire8
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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby UncleVibes on 13 Oct 2008, 16:38

Vestax for mixer & turntables
Edirol FA101 (very happy thince 4 years) but I want to try the RME!
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Re: Present gear and future one!!!!

Postby phadedvision on 14 Oct 2008, 22:05

Vestax all the way. I'm really like my Audio Innovate mixer though, nice effects + Innofader is pretty sick. I still have my Vestax 05 with my ProXFade in it for when I have friends over or if I want to play around with it... I'm still ticked that Vestax killed the 07 though... :evil:
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