Web links (Technical & database)

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Web links (Technical & database)

Postby David F on 27 Sep 2008, 09:10

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share some very usefull links i 'm using almost everyday :

1 - Let's start by Databases links :

http://www.discogs.com/ : This is a huge database for all tracks, lp's & artist , in all kinds of music. Very usefull when you're searching for a good old track. (you can even buy the tracks if available)

http://www.gemm.com/ : "Gemm" stands for Global E-commerce Mega Marketplace. This is an another huge databases, and as they say on the site : "30 Million Records, LPs, CDs and More from 1000s of Sellers Worldwide!"
You can find everything, and last but not least, it even gives you a price for what you're searching for, or for what you want to sale.

2 - Just for Technics turntables users :

http://vinyle-dj.technics.sonofanzine.c ... 0_mk2.html

You can find here tutorials for reparing in a DIY way your precious turntables. Sorry, but it is only in french. (If anyone wants, i could eventually make a translation, just ask for it !!)

http://www.4panasonic.co.uk/cgi-bin/home.pl : This is where you can have spare parts directly from Panasonic (which is the owner of Technics)

http://www.qualitydj.co.uk/spares-techn ... 29_31.html : Another one for spare parts. But has got more references from other DJ gear.

That's all for the moment, for would be nice if others could share there links as well. Would be nice to make a database don't you think ? ;)

See you

David F
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Re: Web links (Technical & database)

Postby sakaana on 27 Sep 2008, 13:36

http://www.12x0.de/ - A place for Technics Mods and a lot of useful information (reparis e.g.)
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Re: Web links (Technical & database)

Postby polocorp on 28 Sep 2008, 16:41

Thanks for the tips. gemm is really dope. I used to pick up all my records there.

Unfortunately since my record collection was stolen. i quite buying them :cry: but I'll get back to it sooner or later

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Re: Web links (Technical & database)

Postby Ptichampy on 28 Sep 2008, 17:41


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