Using MIDI to emulate Keyboard Strokes (Use MIDI with Cross)

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Using MIDI to emulate Keyboard Strokes (Use MIDI with Cross)

Postby abitmessie on 23 Jun 2009, 11:12

Hey All

Been playing around with a MIDI translator for another project in ableton and thought can this app work with Cross Yes it Can

Process is really simple and any keyboard shortcut can be emulated so that it can be trigged from your MIDI controller!

1st Download Bomes Bome's MIDI Translator Classic (free download)

Install the application as per default settings

Open Cross
setup your keyboard shortcuts as you like ie A to load player A

Once you have setup the shortcuts, open the MIDI translator from your start menu
application is free however screen will appear for 12 second trying to convince you buy it!

Once application is open you need to set the MIDI in and out ports


Click on the + to add a new translator

new translator.PNG

You can either name the Translator line now or later i perfer to do it last so it matchs the key to be emulated

Select the Incoming Tab and tick the capture MIDI box


Press or move on your MIDI Controller you wish to assign

Select the Outgoing Tab
using the drop down list select Key Stroke Emulation
Select KeyPress or Squence and enter the key you would like to emulated ie A to load player A

Select the Options Tab and Name the Translator an approiate name so you can easly modify if required

Click on Apply and close the Window
Save the preset you have just created
however leave the MIDI Translator open

In Cross
Go to preference menu and select your MIDI port No need to select a pre defined MIDI Map

close the preference menu and test your mapping by pressing on your MIDI controller! for example button mapped should load a track in player 1

Repeat the MIDI translator process for each key you want to use MIDI for
no need to close Cross each key once setup MIDI Translator will work straight away

Rember to save the preset in MIDI Translator

Each time you open Cross open the MIDI Translator first and open your preset then Open Cross and everything should be sweet

by doing this above process i have mapped the following successfully to my DDM4000
Load Tracks A + B
AutoLoop A + B
Increment and decrement autoloop A + B
Smart Seek Forward and Back A + B

Hope this helps let me know if you have issues!
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Re: Using MIDI to emulate Keyboard Strokes (Use MIDI with Cross)

Postby wazza on 01 Jul 2009, 16:33

Abitmessis ...your a genius
I will have to give this go... ;) :biggrin: :biggrin: :cool:
:cool: c00l People MV Society :cool:
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